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Reading Festival (Omg, it’s tomorrow! )

After 6 SIX ,oh  yes, SIX MONTHS of waiting tomorrow it’s the day:
Reading Festival here I come !
I’m a really the last-minute girl, ALL my stuff are still around the room waiting to be packed and I think I’ll spend half of the night doing it, because I have finally too much stuff. Honestly six bags are too much. Never camped before and I can’t actually think of why people would like to do it if they do not need to. Bah. People.
Anyway, tomorrow, before to leave, I’ll post the REALLY last last minute post about what finally I decided to bring with me.

I’m soooooo excited, hope I’ll survive!

Can’t wait, can’t wait, CANNOT WAIT !

Love Lettuce? Love Lush !

Finally the summer arrived also in England !
Sun, fun, beach and longer days but also dry skin, sun burn and dehydration.
So when it gets tough there is just one solution: FACE MASK!

There are countless masks on the market but not all are woth to.
And if you’re looking for something cruelty-free, vegan and not tested on animals, a great answer is Lush.
Amazing face mask
Lavander, who loves the perfume like me will just get crazy about this mask.
And the you have the almond and other herbal estracts, perfect for mixed (oily and dry) skin.

Actually I have it on while I’m writing and it’s amazing, the feeling is absolutely amazing: my skin is soft, clean and lighly perfumed.

What else do you need? 🙂

Reading Festival (How to survive) #1

48 days 12 hours.
Still nearly two months to go, and I CAN’T WAIT!

Anyway,  watching from home the T in the Park gives me such a big emotion that I started planning (not really, I’m the last-minute girl, you know..)
a list of stuff that I need for the 4 nights/3 days camping at Reading.

Down here you can see my latest shopping result:

Here are my lovely new wellies !

I actually bought them today: “Glossywelly” from Joules.
I went in to the shop and asked for the strongest pair of rain boots they had, and that’s what they gave me!

Strong, comfy and colourful 😀

Reading – England – Rain – MUD

And what’s most disgusting than wet, muddy feet?