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I am not dead !

Hello hello !

I know, incredible enough, but I am back!
From the last post maaany things have changed but here a quick update:

  • I moved in the beautiful Edinburgh!
  • I am studying English Literature at university, finally 🙂
  • I’ve changed 4 or maybe 5 jobs..
  • And last but not least, I have a wonderful boyfriend that has an incredibly funny blog ❤

Do not worry my friends, I will soon write more in depth about the last few months, but I am here mainly
to tell you that soon soon SOON I’ll be on my way once more and this time I am visiting the stunning DENMARK!

Yes, oh yes, Iman is going to COPENHAGEN ! 😀

So stay in tune, I will be back with pictures, videos and loads of entertaining stories!

Waggong of love to you all!
xxx Iman

 First trip to Edinburgh !


Study and work, work and study


Sorry, my absence here now is gettin’ too heavy but I’m really crazy busy.
Studying and working is such a pain, but soon (sooner than you think!) I’ll be back telling you about my trip to London, home in Italy and about the last movies/books that I saw and read.
Thanks for keeping checking this blog 🙂

Reading Festival (How to survive) #1

48 days 12 hours.
Still nearly two months to go, and I CAN’T WAIT!

Anyway,  watching from home the T in the Park gives me such a big emotion that I started planning (not really, I’m the last-minute girl, you know..)
a list of stuff that I need for the 4 nights/3 days camping at Reading.

Down here you can see my latest shopping result:

Here are my lovely new wellies !

I actually bought them today: “Glossywelly” from Joules.
I went in to the shop and asked for the strongest pair of rain boots they had, and that’s what they gave me!

Strong, comfy and colourful 😀

Reading – England – Rain – MUD

And what’s most disgusting than wet, muddy feet?


Six months are WAY TOO MUCH !

Skype, Facebook or text message: everything is great and handy

but nothing is like a big hug.

After six loooong months seeing her on my doorstep, just AMAZING!

Here is she, my BFF, right now beside me, sleeping like a child, with no clue that I’m writing and posting about her 😉

Anyway, tomorrow we’re gonna start our special weekend through Dublin and Belfast: great new posts and pictures to come!


Good Night Wordl,
Good Night Marlene 🙂