Who’s Iman?

Who am I?

I’m an Italian  nineteen (nearly 20) girl with Moroccan’s origins , who loves LIFE ! 

Trying to enjoy every single day, I started my journey travelling the 21st of August 2011 and I’m still on my way!

First stop Ireland 10 months, England 10 months as well and currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Triskelion on my left wrist

On this blog I’ll write about everything: tips and tricks for travelers, cinema, books, EVERYTHING !

So stay in touch, and discover the World with me!

Here some random facts about me:

# I was born the 17th of November 1992

# My hair is curly as hell

# I’m a vegetarian

# I HATE closed windows and opened door.
Don’t ask, I don’t know why!

# My biggest fears are TURKEYS and spiders.

# I have two younger sisters

#My friends call me “Kabby”

#My favourite author is James Joyce


Hey you! Let me know what do you think !

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