London calling or not?!

Hello there !
And finally tomorrow I’ll visit London!

More or less all my friends have been to London and everyone always says that it’s such an amazing city and blablabla.
If I have to say the true I’m a little bit worried: what if London is not how I imagined it? Am I gonna be disappointed?

A voice inside my brain keeps saying that I have to stop being so negative, London is L.O.N.D.O.N.
It’s simply impossible that I will not find it amazing.
But still, will it be up to  my expectations?
I’m kinda of a demanding girl..

Anyway, that’s a really busy time of my life, it’s happening so much in so little time that I don’t really know where to start!

Reading Festival to organize, my week-end back home in Italy, the new choice for the university, my language exam and AAAAAAH!

I finally need a break and a day in London is the best!
So, tomorrow I’ll relax, catch up with some old friends and just enjoy what I love most: travelling.

Guarda come dondolo !
A little bit of crazyness in the middle of the New Forest!

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