FlyBe (How is flying with)

Good evening people !
Here I am, like I said, telling you a true story about low cost company FlyBe.


I flew for the first time with this company the 6th of June, a really short flight (Dublin-Southampton). Like every respectful nearly 20 years girl I had plenty of luggages with me : my HUGE suit-case,  a duffel bag and my biggest handbag; of course ALL  full, close to burst.

Included in my ticket I had 20 kg for the suit-case and 10 kg for hand-luggage.
I actually had 22,4 kg (+2,4kg) in the suit-case and 16 kg (+6 kg) between the two handbags.

IN TOTAL: Nearly 9 kg (NINE, yes NINE kg! )

While queuing for check-in the baggage I prayed in all the languages I speak that they would let me take with me all my stuff.

It’s my turn: deep breathe and smile.
I put the suit-case on the balance  (nearly killing my foot, but it’s alright)
and the flight attendent doesn’t say anything about the weight in excess.
(One is gone !)

Then I ask with my best sweet and flirty voice “Sorry, am I allowed to bring also my duffel bag on the plane?”
He looks at me and says “It’s quite big and looks heavy, just put it on the balance”
(Oh no, nononono NO!)
“It’s 37 euro for a second checked-in baggage”
With a sad face I open my wallet, looking for the money, but suddendly he says
“Oh c’mon, it’s alright, you can bring it with you!”


Anyway, my flight is supposed to leave Dublin at 16.40, after the security and blablabla I have the time to have a look in the shops (Chanel’s new perfum is DI-VI-NE !)

16.10 : Bording still closed.
16.20: Close.
16.40: Close.
16.45: “The flight number **** for Southampton is delayed.

Oh really? I didn’t get it!

Trying to fight the boredom I open facebook and take pictures of me with the webcam, showing my friend my outfit.

Stupid pics cause of boredom..

(Yes, I was REALLY bored!)

17.20 (When I was supposed to land in England) : Bording opens.

18.50 : Arriving in Southampton.

Long long LOOONG journey, but finally I’m arrived.

In conclusion, my experience was quite positive, but I’ll fly again with them just if they have a good deal, if I don’t have a planned journey, if I’ll have lots of luggage.

Too many “if“, isn’t it?

  • Price = Too high for a low cost company
  • Punctuality = What are you talking about?!
  • Luggages = Great, suit-case in perfect condition
  • Comfort = Really small plane, but it’s eco-friendly !
  • Reliability of the stuff = Good, helpful and kind

Final score : (From 10 -best to 1 -no way!) I would say 6 .


Hey you! Let me know what do you think !

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