Books books BOOKS !

Hello World !

I know, I know : I promised to myself and to the world that I would be organised and keep going with this blog at least once a week, but  that’s life!

Even if I would love, I’m NOT WonderWoman 🙂

Anyway, as you can see from the picture and the title this post is about my books.

My crazy luggage
My presciuosssss !

One word to describe my library? TOO MANY (yeah, two words, but who cares!)

This is my luggage, A HUGE ONE, before to leave Ireland!
More than half of the weight : BOOKS.
Luckly I flew with FlyBe, a low (not really low, but that’s another story..) cost company, that is not so MAD about the weight like other companies (read  Ryanair >_< )

And do you know what I did yesterday?
I bought another book!

Yeah, still reading !
Even if I’m 20, still enjoy this magic tale ❤

Ahahahahah, yes, you get it:



Hey you! Let me know what do you think !

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