I am not dead !

Hello hello !

I know, incredible enough, but I am back!
From the last post maaany things have changed but here a quick update:

  • I moved in the beautiful Edinburgh!
  • I am studying English Literature at university, finally 🙂
  • I’ve changed 4 or maybe 5 jobs..
  • And last but not least, I have a wonderful boyfriend that has an incredibly funny blog ❤

Do not worry my friends, I will soon write more in depth about the last few months, but I am here mainly
to tell you that soon soon SOON I’ll be on my way once more and this time I am visiting the stunning DENMARK!

Yes, oh yes, Iman is going to COPENHAGEN ! 😀

So stay in tune, I will be back with pictures, videos and loads of entertaining stories!

Waggong of love to you all!
xxx Iman

 First trip to Edinburgh !


Anna Karenina: Film (Iman STOP crying!)

A bit like Sheldon Cooper and a lot like and old lady, yesterday I went to the cinema for my “Tuesday evening cinema night”.
I was probably the only under 40 in the all cinema, but that’s alright, people are kinder when you ask them to move seat because you cannot see !

Anyway, let’s go back to the topic: Anna Karenina by Joe Wright.
Let’s say it, if I didn’t have my Massimo cup of Costa’s hot chocolate, the movie could have killed me.
Normally I’m SO critic with everything (and everyone) but this time, this opera really got it right.

First of all the set is really well designed, the care for the details is amazing and the costumes are just sublime.Also the rhytme of the moving is pretty pressing, even if during the movie this slowly decrease.
No spoiler of course, but I love the cyclicality of the story.
Watch it and then you’ll know. 🙂

Keira Knightly is a stunning Anna, how much do I loved her performance? A LOT.
Aaron Taylor-Johnson is HOT, when you watch him you just cannot blame Anna. No woman could resist.
(What’s on earth is happening? Iman liking blonde guys? Help..)
Jude Law, a master as always. A master on showing us all the facets of his deep character.

Hope everybody knows :the film is inspired from the homonymous book by the great Leo Tolstoj and beside the poignant story of Anna, the novel is a stinging criticism to the 19th Century’s Russian high society. This in the movie is not always present, but when we see it, we will not quickly forget.

Certainly there are also some negative aspects, but as I spent half of the movie with my eyes full of tears and it does not happen that often, I have no complains to make.

I loved it. 8/10

Study and work, work and study


Sorry, my absence here now is gettin’ too heavy but I’m really crazy busy.
Studying and working is such a pain, but soon (sooner than you think!) I’ll be back telling you about my trip to London, home in Italy and about the last movies/books that I saw and read.
Thanks for keeping checking this blog 🙂

Reading Festival (Omg, it’s tomorrow! )

After 6 SIX ,oh  yes, SIX MONTHS of waiting tomorrow it’s the day:
Reading Festival here I come !
I’m a really the last-minute girl, ALL my stuff are still around the room waiting to be packed and I think I’ll spend half of the night doing it, because I have finally too much stuff. Honestly six bags are too much. Never camped before and I can’t actually think of why people would like to do it if they do not need to. Bah. People.
Anyway, tomorrow, before to leave, I’ll post the REALLY last last minute post about what finally I decided to bring with me.

I’m soooooo excited, hope I’ll survive!

Can’t wait, can’t wait, CANNOT WAIT !

London calling or not?!

Hello there !
And finally tomorrow I’ll visit London!

More or less all my friends have been to London and everyone always says that it’s such an amazing city and blablabla.
If I have to say the true I’m a little bit worried: what if London is not how I imagined it? Am I gonna be disappointed?

A voice inside my brain keeps saying that I have to stop being so negative, London is L.O.N.D.O.N.
It’s simply impossible that I will not find it amazing.
But still, will it be up to  my expectations?
I’m kinda of a demanding girl..

Anyway, that’s a really busy time of my life, it’s happening so much in so little time that I don’t really know where to start!

Reading Festival to organize, my week-end back home in Italy, the new choice for the university, my language exam and AAAAAAH!

I finally need a break and a day in London is the best!
So, tomorrow I’ll relax, catch up with some old friends and just enjoy what I love most: travelling.

Guarda come dondolo !
A little bit of crazyness in the middle of the New Forest!

Love Lettuce? Love Lush !

Finally the summer arrived also in England !
Sun, fun, beach and longer days but also dry skin, sun burn and dehydration.
So when it gets tough there is just one solution: FACE MASK!

There are countless masks on the market but not all are woth to.
And if you’re looking for something cruelty-free, vegan and not tested on animals, a great answer is Lush.
Amazing face mask
Lavander, who loves the perfume like me will just get crazy about this mask.
And the you have the almond and other herbal estracts, perfect for mixed (oily and dry) skin.

Actually I have it on while I’m writing and it’s amazing, the feeling is absolutely amazing: my skin is soft, clean and lighly perfumed.

What else do you need? 🙂

Reading Festival (How to survive) #2

Hya! 🙂

Like the  first post about the “Surviving rules” for Festival (Reading in this case),
here’s another MUST HAVE for anyone who’s going to camp during a music festival.

The Torch

Eco pony torch !

In this picture you can see my own torch, that I bought a few weeks ago.
Okay, doesn’t look like a professional torch but it does the work!

And anyway, it’s so cute 😉

Last but not least it’s ECO-FRIENDLY, it works without batteries (you can charge it pushing in and out the pink part that you see on the left side), so

  1. You don’t have to carry any batteries
  2. You don’t risk to stay in the darkness when batteries are over
  3. You don’t waste any source
  4. And you don’t have to spend money for chargers or batteries !

Pretty cool for a torch, isn’t it?

(and it’s a pink pony! Sooo cute 😉 )

Reading Festival (How to survive) #1

48 days 12 hours.
Still nearly two months to go, and I CAN’T WAIT!

Anyway,  watching from home the T in the Park gives me such a big emotion that I started planning (not really, I’m the last-minute girl, you know..)
a list of stuff that I need for the 4 nights/3 days camping at Reading.

Down here you can see my latest shopping result:

Here are my lovely new wellies !

I actually bought them today: “Glossywelly” from Joules.
I went in to the shop and asked for the strongest pair of rain boots they had, and that’s what they gave me!

Strong, comfy and colourful 😀

Reading – England – Rain – MUD

And what’s most disgusting than wet, muddy feet?


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